PSO confirms filling fuel tanks to the max in summers won’t result in an explosion

You may have heard people tell you that filling your tank to the maximum during summers in Pakistan is extremely risky and dangerous because the high temperature can cause an explosion in the fuel tank.

A similar message went viral a couple of days back on WhatsApp that used PSO’s name to warn people to not fill their tanks to the maximum.

In response to the message, PSO released an official statement declaring the message fake and debunking the myth behind filling fuel tanks to the max in summers.

According to PSO, the company released no such message to warn people of max fuel tanks causing an explosion. In addition to that, the company has also clarified that filling the tank to full capacity poses no threat of any kind neither to the car nor to its passengers.

Filling your fuel tank to full capacity is completely safe and beneficial to the running of the car because the auto igniting temperature of petrol is significantly higher than the temperatures experienced in Pakistan.

The auto-ignition temperature of Petrol

To be exact, the temperature at which Petrol auto-ignites is around 247–280°C. Moreover, the self-igniting temperature of Diesel is around 210°C.

On an average, Pakistan experiences a temperature of 40-50°C during peak summers which mean petrol can never catch fire on its own.

Read more about auto-ignition temperatures here.

So go on out and fill your tanks to the full capacity!