Professional hospital waste collection and disposal services launched in Pakistan

Hospitals in Pakistan produce more than 250,000 tons of waste per year of which a lot is infectious. It has been found time and time again that this waste is handled and managed very poorly by the hospital administration and staff.

Mishandling of infectious waste can lead to serious health and environmental consequences both inside and outside the hospital and it is a big threat to population near hospitals.

Nearly every hospital in Pakistan does not have a proper practice of waste handling, storage, transportation or disposal of infectious waste. To help protect the environment and stop the spread of infection, a hospital waste collection and disposal service has been launched in Pakistan.

The service has been launched by the Punjab government in many districts of the province. It is being outsourced to New Era Technologies who will be responsible the for the collection of infectious waste from ward level into three color-coded bins.

The infectious waste will be first collected from hospitals and then will be transported via fabricated and refrigerated Yellow vehicles to the incinerator sites for incineration. This will effectively dispose of the infectious waste in a safe manner.