Premium Coffee house comes to Nathia Gali Main Bazaar

The 2018 tourism season in Pakistan is about to begin and people are already planning ahead to visit the north of Pakistan to enjoy their holidays.

As the summer holidays approach, common people are not the only ones preparing for the upcoming season. Several new businesses are also popping up in various tourist spots across the Northern areas of Pakistan to welcome tourists.

A premium coffee house by the name Kaldi’s gourmet coffee has just opened its doors to the public in the main bazaar area of Nathia Gali.

For a long time, Nathia Gali has been a fan favorite for people who come across from Pakistan to see the mountainous views. But the area lacked any upscale restaurant or coffee shops until now.

Kaldi’s promises to fill the gap by providing premium coffee on the spot along with several food items ranging from burgers, smoothies, juices, steaks, desserts and much more.

Previously there was only one coffee cafe in Nathia Gali but it is at least 2 kilometers away from the main bazaar. With Kaldi’s, now you can enjoy all the good food without leaving the main bazaar area.

Location of Kaldi’s Gourmet Coffee House

The Kaldi’s Gourmet Coffee House is located in the main bazaar of Nathia Gali. Use the map below to find it’s accurate location.