Police in Karachi provided water and juice to people while performing duties in scorching heat

As soon as the month of May started, various cities in Pakistan have started experiencing excruciating hot days. The heatwave specifically hit the southern part of the country really hard.

Today Karachi suffered from a heatwave that caused the temperature to rise to a staggering 44-degree Celsius. This much heat is extremely dangerous for personal health which is why the authorities have declared an emergency in the city.

Amidst scorching heat, the police of Karachi kept their spirits high and performed their duties just like any other day with the addition of one kind gesture, they provided cold water and juice to people on roads and paths.

The police had set up several camps across the city where they provided cold water and juice boxes to pedestrians and citizens on the road.

But they were not alone, several volunteers from the public also had set up various camps across the city where they kept providing cool water to keep the citizens going, particularly laborers who work hard even in this heat.

In heat like this, keeping yourself well hydrated is one of the most important things that can help you save your life.