Pakistani cyclist completes 21,571 KM journey across Pakistan to set a world record

After 21,751 kilometers and 185 days later, a resident of Lahore Abdur Rehman Palwa has just completed his journey across Pakistan on a bicycle in order to set a Guinness World Record of the longest journey by bicycle in a single country.

The previous record has been set by Santosh Holi of India who completed his journey of 15,222 kilometers by traveling across India.

Palwa has already submitted his journey stats to be recognized by Guinness World Records and is very confident that he will be awarded this record.

Palwa started his journey from Lahore on October 25, 2017, and completed it on April 28, 2018. When he started his journey, his first destination was Gilgit Baltistan and then he set off to KPK, Balochistan, Sindh, and Punjab.

Rehman Palwa revealed that most of his time was spent in Balochistan where he completed a distance of 5,500 Kilometers in 45 days. He then spent 40 days each in Sindh and Punjab.

One of the most astonishing things about Abdur Rehman is that he is not a professional cyclist. Before starting his journey, he had never used a bicycle for long distances.

But when he decided that he wanted to break the Guinness World Record, he trained himself for 8 months before taking on this huge journey.

Palwa’s official GPS Garmin Edge stats

Abdur Rehman has already sent his journey stats acquired through his GPS Garmin Edge 820 to Guinness World Records for consideration. This will be a month-long process before his attempt is officially recognized.

Here are the official stats.

Activities: 185
Total Distance: 21,571 km
Total Activity Time: 1535: 58:19
Active Calories: 815, 053 C
Total Elevation Gain: 104, 132 m
Average Speed: 14 kph

You can follow Abdul Rehman Palwa on his official Facebook Page Palwa Down The Road.