Pakistan just sold 6 of these cool looking armored vehicles to Bahrain

Last year Heavy Industries Taxila and Pakistan Cavalier Group showcased two military armored vehicles at the Bahrain International Defence Exhibition.

Of the two at the display from Pakistan were the Hamza 6×6 MRAP Armored Vehicle and the 4×4 Interceptor. The vehicles are made by Heavy Industries Taxila (HIT) and Cavalier Group in Pakistan.

After nearly 7 months of the first exhibition, Pakistan has signed a contract with Bahrain National Guard to sell six of the interceptors which could result in a series of contract resulting in 50 or more vehicles to be exported.

The 4×4 is a light protected vehicle which is designed for security purposes. It is built on a Toyota Land Cruiser 79 Chasis. The Interceptor is available in level B6 and level B7 armor protection.

According to HIT and Cavalier Group Pakistan, the Interceptor 4×4 has been specifically designed for the Gulf region due to high demand for such vehicles in the region.

After this Pakistan will also try to target the North African region where the demand for such vehicles is also very high.