Outfitters, By The Way, Leisure Club release exclusive Pepsi Generations clothing line

Pepsi has been a go-to cola drink for Pakistanis for decades. The cola brand has always remained synonymous with the youth of Pakistan by promoting music, and cricket.

To celebrate the generations of Pakistani youth, Pepsi recently launched a global generations campaign which takes people back in time. The Cola company not only released retro cans for Pepsi Cola, but now have also released a brand new exclusive generations clothing line that takes you back to the golden era of music and cricket in Pakistan.

Pepsi has partnered with Leisure Club, Outfitters, and By The Way clothing brands in Pakistan to release this exclusive limited time only clothing line. Each of the three brands designed exclusive clothing for both men and women with a special tribute to Pepsi and the youth of Pakistan.

To showcase the new clothing line, Pepsi had arranged a showcase in Avari, Lahore with a retro setting. Several celebrities from the Pakistani music, TV, and film industry attended the event.

Top models including Imaan Ali wore the exclusive clothing line along with others to showcase what was in store for the youth.

The new clothing line is now available in select stores and online through Outfitters, Leisure Club, and By The Way.