Nadra is set to add upgraded vans to their fleet of Mobile Registration Vans

Nadra started their mobile registration van service quite a few years ago and since then have added more than 200 of these specially crafted vehicles into their MRV program.

The Mobile Registration vans/trucks are equipped with all the necessary systems required to issue a CNIC to anyone on the road. The organization has added 3 generations of these trucks and are now set to add upgraded vans.

The first fleet of vehicles which were large in design was introduced back in 2002. But because of their large form factor, the trucks were slow and were unable to visit tighter places in many of the rural areas of Pakistan.

The newly designed vans are not only small in shape and factor, they are fast, compact and easy to maneuver in tighter areas of the country.

Designed and made by Team-Nayyer, the new vans are currently in the testing phase. Once they are out of the testing phase and approved by Nadra, we might see them on the roads very soon.

Here is a look at the already operational MRVs by Nadra.

The idea is to bring these vans onto the roads before the election begins so that CNICs are issued as quickly as possible to as many people as possible.

Given the opportunity, the new vans are also capable of converting into hubs for biometric elections.