Meet Islamabad Police new cars and heavy bikes for the Rescue 15 unit

In a bid to make the capital city of Pakistan crime-free, the Islamabad Police is busy not only hiring new recruits but also upgrading their existing units with better technology.

The Police recently released a smartphone app for citizens which allows them to report all kinds of crime and suspicious activities with a few taps.

To ensure the city is safe and sound, the Islamabad Police has just upgraded its Rescue 15 unit in Islamabad with new vehicles and heavy bikes. New and improved safe city smart cars have also been added to existing smart car fleet.

The smart cars are specifically designed to work with the safe city project of Islamabad. The car has cameras and surveillance system that reports back to the safe city headquarters in the city. This not only extends the reach of the system but also allows the police to react faster.

The new upgraded unit will now be deployed across Islamabad for patrolling and dealing with any negative situation in the city.

For reporting crimes or suspicious activity, you can download the Islamabad Police app or dial 15 from your phone.