Leopards becomes the second Pakistani courier to add an aircraft for deliveries across Pakistan

Leopards courier is one of the largest courier services in Pakistan. Businesses and common people use the courier service alike to send packages across Pakistan.

But until now the courier was only using the road to send away packages to everywhere in Pakistan which meant that the package took generally 5-7 days to reach its destination.

To speed up delivery time and offer better services altogether, Leopards have obtained an AP-BMU Boeing 737-300 (QC) aircraft from Vision Air in Pakistan.

The aircraft will not only allow Leopards to quickly deliver packages across Pakistan, it will also ensure that the packages are delivered securely.

According to the company, the aircraft will travel between Lahore and Karachi to deliver all kinds of packages including documents.

The said aircraft was obtained from Vision Air which operates in Pakistan with a fleet of 5 aircraft including 2 Boeing 737-200s and 3 Boeing 737-300s. The AP-BMU is 29 years old and was obtained by Vision Air in November 2017.

The aircraft is mostly used for commercial flights but can be configured to deliver cargo as well.