Islamabad open doors to an automobile themed cafe

Themed restaurants are quickly becoming a trend in Pakistan and nearly every city across the country now has multiple themed cafes serving food and excellent ambiance.

As the race for starting the best-themed cafe gets tougher, Islamabad open doors to another themed cafe around automobiles.

The newly inaugurated Cafe Garage in E-11 Islamabad offers an ambiance designed after vintage cars and bikes. The cafe has food, games, events, and music under one roof with a select menu.

Inside the cafe, you’ll find lots of things that’ll make you feel at home if you are a car enthusiast. There are life-size models of cars and bikes with vintage number plates.

A gaming section is also available fully equipped with steering wheels allowing you to play modern car games while you are waiting for your food.

If that isn’t enough, there is also a projector installed inside the facility where you can watch your favorite sport while you eat.

Location of Cafe Garage Islamabad

Cafe Garage is located in the E-11 sector of Islamabad. Use the map below to get there easily.