Here’s your first look at the Pakistani made football to be used in Fifa World Cup 2018

With the Fifa World Cup 2018 only a month and a few days away, preparations for the biggest sporting event in the world are picking up.

The official match game of the world cup is also ready and is being mass produced in Pakistan. This time, Adidas, the official provider of the world cup footballs have revealed that they are bringing the 1970’s world cup Telstar football back in the game.

The Telstar will be used in Fifa World Cup 2018 and it is being manufactured by a Pakistani sports company ‘Forward Sports’ in Sialkot.

The Telstar 18 is the most technologically advanced football to hit the ground ever. It features an embedded NFC chip for the first time ever which is designed to increase consumer interaction.

Forward Sports in Pakistan will be manufacturing the official game ball for Fifa World Cup for the second time in a row. It previously manufactured the ‘Brazuca’ football for the Fifa World Cup 2014.

Sialkot is known around the world for producing some of the highest quality sporting goods in the world. Pakistan exports 40 million footballs around the world annually earning itself $122 million in form of revenue.