Here’s your first look at the new synthetic football ground in Rawalpindi

Pakistani’s have a great interest in football. But unfortunately, there really are very few professional organizations or grounds that people can learn and play football on.

Thankfully the sports board of Pakistan is doing its best by adding more academies and grounds for various sports in Pakistan.

Just recently a fully synthetic football ground has been opened up in Rawalpindi. The football ground is inside the newly inaugurated Shahbaz Sharif Park on Rawal Road.

The football ground is perfect for practicing football because the ground itself imitates the professional grounds that are available around the world where football players practice their game.

Although the ground is open for public, there still is no indication if an official club or professional organization will hold their practice sessions in the ground. For the time being the ground remains open to the public.

The synthetic football ground is located inside the ‘Shahbaz Sharif Park’. The park also offers a familiar family atmosphere with tons of additional facilities within the park.

The park spreads across 110 kanals and effectively replaces an area which was previously used as a garbage dump.

Within the park, there is also a basketball court, a gymnasium, jogging track, food court and spacious parking for visitors.