Girl guides in Hunza Valley start making hand made bins ahead of tourism season

With the summers taking over Pakistan and summer holidays approaching just months from now, the tourism season of Pakistan will officially kick off.

Every year hundreds and thousands of Pakistanis from Punjab, Sindh, and Balochistan visit the northern areas of Pakistan to enjoy their holidays with friends and family alike.

But the biggest problem is that this swarm of tourists nearly every year leaves behind a lot of trash and destruction of tourists spots in the northern areas.

To promote cleanliness and to preserve nature, the girl guides of Hunza Valley are busy making handmade bins with signs that encourage people to use trash cans instead of throwing trash everywhere else.

As part of the campaign started by Pakistan Girl Guides Association branch in Gilgit Baltistan, several hundred handmade bins will be placed across Hunza Valley to help collect trash.

The girls are also hand painting messages on the bins that promote and encourage tourists to use the bins to throw the trash.

Hunza Valley last year during tourism season

Last year tourists left Hunza Valley with tonnes of trash which was later collected by the same group of girls. It took 500 girls to clean the mess the tourists had left in the valley.

Installing these bins around the valley will not only help keep the beautiful spots of Hunza Valley neat and clean but will also educate people to use trash bins.