Bahria Town Rawalpindi inaugurates another must visit mosque

Bahria Town is known for pulling off great architectural work in the public buildings and houses they make. The private residential community constructed one of the largest mosques in Pakistan in Lahore and another one is being constructed in Karachi.

The best thing about the mosques made by the authorities of Bahria Town is that they always have an excellent design that beautifies the mosque as it should be. Some of the mosques made by them are the best looking mosques of Pakistan.

Just today Jamia Masjid at Rafi Road in Phase 8 of Bahria Town Rawalpindi was inaugurated. Important figures from around the city including Riaz Malik were present at the inauguration ceremony.

Inside the mosque, there are sky blue carpets which add to the beauty of the mosque. The dome-shaped main prayer corridor has a very beautiful ceiling adorned with calligraphy, golden chandeliers and more.

The rest of the area of the mosque is also beautifully adorned with various ceiling works including different kinds of chandeliers spread across the halls.

Starting today, the mosque has been opened to the public and you can either visit it and see its beauty or go there for a prayer.