Air Falcon is set to introduce charter services with world class hospitality in Pakistan

Headquartered in Lahore, Air Falcon is a regional carrier that has been providing world-class and affordable services to its customers in Pakistan. Up till now, the airline was only providing cargo services.

With their fleet consisting of state-of-the-art and newly acquired Boing and ATR aircraft, the airline is now growing its fleet to introduce passenger charter services very soon in Pakistan that will cater all major domestic and international destinations.

Air Falcon is led by a team of very experienced professionals that have years of experience in the aviation industry. With their well-trained crew and excellent safety record, they are here to take a competitive edge over other operators in Pakistan.

With their new passenger charter services, each and every customer will be given a unique travel experience. The services will initially be provided to tour operators and corporate clients on domestic and regional routes.

With the launch of their passenger charter services, they will be able to take passengers from the serene northern mountains of Pakistan to the exotic coastlines of Gawadar.

The initial destination list includes Chitral, Skardu, Gilgit, Gwadar, Quetta, Bahawalpur, Multan, Islamabad, Karachi, Peshawar, Sukkur, and Sialkot.

Expect the airline to launch charter services in the upcoming few months. The cockpit crew is already going under line training with Pakistan International Airlines.