3 weeks after opening, this is the situation of cleanliness at the New Islamabad International Airport

After many delays, the New Islamabad International Airport was finally opened to the public on the 3rd of May. But the excitement of having one of the biggest and most technologically advanced airports of Pakistan quickly turned into anger.

After only a couple of days of operation, the airport suffered from many technical difficulties that created havoc amongst the general public traveling through it. From conveyor belt malfunctioning to broken escalators and no sense of general direction given to passengers, the airport has since then been plagued with numerous problem.

Now 3 weeks after its inauguration, the general public is capturing the state of cleanliness of the airport on their phones and it is below average.

The various photos taken by the general public visiting the airport captures janitorial staff busy on their phones and generally ignoring their duties to clean the airport. The bathrooms and toilets are also in an abysmal state with no sense of cleanliness. There’s even garbage thrown inside the airport in heaps with cigarette butts being disposed inside plant pots.

No sitting Arrangements for Public at New Airport.

Hardly any seats can be seen around the new airport. All the people, including elderly men, women and children, have to keep standing while waiting for the delayed flights to arrive. A lot of people have no option but to use floor for sitting.