This Dulha from Karachi literally tried to recreate his wedding on a car

A wedding is a big life event in our lives. We save money all our lives to make sure everything on the day of our wedding is perfect. The exciting day is all about creating memories and people tend to go out of their way to make sure their wedding function is unique these days.

Getting your car all decorated for your baraat is a popular tradition in Pakistan. People adorn their cars with flowers, ribbons and more.

But sometimes the excitement can get a bit out of hand. Take for example this particular groom from Karachi who decided to go all the way out in decorating his car for the big day.

As you can see from the pictures above, the groom tried really hard to show every single person that he was getting married. Whoever decorated the car seems to have wanted to recreate the entire wedding on top of the car.

The car is not only adorned with colorful flowers, but also umbrellas, bouquets, and dolls on the roof under an umbrella mimicking scenes from a wedding. There is also an extra doll on the hood in a white dress which we have no idea why is there.

If getting attention was the priority, this guy definitely got tons of it.