Superstore in Lahore caught red handed selling products containing pork

Superstores in Pakistan commonly stock imported items which are quite popular amongst Pakistanis. But sometimes these stores stock items with ingredients that are deemed Haram for consumption.

Just a few days ago a customer of Al-Fatah DHA, Lahore reported that they had found a product that clearly listed pork in the ingredients list.

The anonymous customer asked the staff immediately to remove the items from display and went home. After returning to the store a couple of days later, the item was still found on the shelves of the store. This time the customer talked to the manager who immediately asked one of his staff to remove the items.


But after returning for the third time, the customer found the product still displayed and openly being sold at the store without any action taken. In fact, according to the customer, the said product was restocked.

Now that this issue has been brought to the social media, the public is seeking immediate action from Punjab Food Authority.

This shows us how negligent our supermarkets and authorities are. In many cases, superstores are also found to be stocking expired products which they continue to sell despite receiving consistent complains from customers.

Next time when you are shopping for imported goods, make sure that you read the labels because these superstores have proven time and time again that they do not check what they are selling.