Someone in Karachi turned a Toyota Celica 2000 into a Ferrari F430 Replica

Pakistanis’ love for car modifications knows no bounds. Car enthusiasts in Pakistan are always on the lookout to modify their cars to bring the best out of them. It has become a very common passion of Pakistanis to modify and alter their cars.

But someone in Karachi took their passion to a whole new level by converting a Toyota Celica 2000 into a Ferrari F340 replica. This is the first time in Pakistan someone has attempted to create a replica and they have done a great job.

Built on the chassis of Toyota Celica 2000, this Ferrari F430 Replica looks exactly like the famous sports car. If you don’t believe us, have a look at the images below.

Although this is the first time someone in Pakistan has successfully converted a Toyota Celica 2000 into a Ferrari F430, elsewhere in the world many people have attempted this conversion.

The Celica looks a lot like the Ferrari which makes it easier to convert the look of the car. There are even full body kits available to pull this off. For those of you unfamiliar with the Celica 2000, have a look at the car below (these pictures were taken from the internet and are not of the owner’s Celica)

However, it still requires a lot of skill to turn a Celica into a Ferrari. This is a massive feat in itself and we congratulate the owner for their hard work and passion.