Private school in Karachi becomes the first in Pakistan to have full scale Astro Turf Hockey field

The Habib Public School in Karachi is widely known in Pakistan for producing some of the finest players for the Pakistan National Hockey Team. The school has produced legendary names in Hockey such as Sohail Abbas, Hassan Sardar, Kamran Ashraf and more.

In order to groom young players in the game of Hockey, the school has just inaugurated the country’s first synthetic hockey turf and tartan track in a private school. This gesture serves as an evidence of how committed the school is to promote sports in Pakistan.

The Tartan track and the turf have both been imported from the UK and installed with the help of TS Builders limited in Karachi.

The tartan track is particularly a big achievement for the school considering the fact that there is only one tartan track in Sindh which is actually quite old and not fit to use in the first place.

The turf was inaugurated on 22nd April through a ceremony held at the school. Several veteran players of Pakistan Hockey team were invited for an opening match.

Hassan Sardar and Safdar Abbas, two of the best Hockey players of Pakistan captained each side with players including Qamar Ibrahim, Kamran Ashraf, Asim Abbasi, Fazal-e-Kashif, Hasan Soomro, Salman Wahab, and more.

Habib Public School is now eyeing at a fully grassed cricket ground and tennis courts to be built inside the school to provide even more facilities for growing player’s skills in other sports.