PIA officially announces rebranding with new logo and design

After series of leaks over the past few days of PIA adding a painting of Markhor on the tail of its planes, the airlines have officially revealed that they will now carry a new identity.

As part of this rebranding, all PIA planes will now have a new logo and design which includes the national animal of Pakistan Markhor – a wild goat inhabiting mountainous regions of Pakistan.

Previously PIA planes had the flag of Pakistan on the tail with a ‘Chaand tara’ on the jet engines. With the new design and logo, the colors have also been reworked from Green and Yellow to Green and Blue. The brand slogan has also been changed to ‘We fly the right attitude’.

According to the CEO of PIACL, Musharraf Rasool, the rebranding of the airlines isn’t only just about changing the looks, it is a fresh new start for the airlines.

He promises that with this new brand, PIA will bounce back and become the best again. The Markhor on the tail of the plane represents resilience, steadfastness, and a great comeback.

The planes of the airlines will gradually be repainted with the new logo and symbol and will soon be seen on all of the planes of the company.