Pakistan’s biggest and most advanced jet fuel farm inaugurated at New Islamabad International Airport

The largest and most advanced jet fuel farm has been inaugurated at the New Islamabad International Airport ahead of the airport’s inauguration on 20th April.

The fuel farm facility has been set up jointly by Pakistan State Oil (PSO) and Attock Petroleum Limited. The fuel farm consists of 600 USGPM pumps with a fuel storage capacity of 10,000 tons.

The fuel will be stored in three huge vertical tanks that are equipped with a 3,600 USGPM pumping system making it Pakistan’s largest and most advanced refueling equipment available.

The New Islamabad Airport is not just the largest airport in Pakistan but it is also capable of new generation aircraft including the mighty A380 Airbus.

Spread across 12 acres of land, the fuel farm has ample storage and state of art filtration facility which makes pumping aviation fuel in accordance with international and local standards set by JIG, NFPA, API and as well as CAA and OGRA.

The new fuel farm will make refueling of aircraft around the clock a possibility thanks to the most modern refueling equipment including eight hydrant servicers, a hydrant pit cleaner, and two refuelers capable of catering to aircrafts with a flow rate of around 800 gallons per minute.