Pakistani Rickshaws are quickly becoming a favorite personal vehicle in Japan

Japenese cars are extremely popular in Pakistan and are nearly desired by everyone who wishes to buy a car. The Japanese manufactured cars are well made and are equipped with extra features which makes them an excellent choice for a personal vehicle.

In fact, the only three companies that are extremely popular in Pakistan including Suzuki, Honda, and Toyota are also Japanese.

Because Pakistan isn’t really making any vehicles of their own, we have to heavily rely on importing vehicles from other companies. But it may come as a surprise that our homemade Rickshaws are the only vehicles being exported from the country.

The Sazgar engineering auto rickshaws which are commonly seen in Pakistan as a cheap alternative to public transport is actually quite popular in Japan.

The higher quality edition of the Rickshaw is exported to Japan from Pakistan which has become quite a favorite personal vehicle for many Japanese simply because they’re easier to drive and can help people commute through tight streets easily.

Unlike Pakistan, the Rickshaws are not being used as public transport, they are in fact used privately and many love owning one as part of their hobby and love for vehicles that are different and unique.