Pakistan map lake and National History Museum are now open for public in Lahore

The two attractions at Greater Iqbal Park, Lahore which was under construction as part of extending the Iqbal Park has now been completed.

The Pakistan Map Lake and National History Museum are now fully functional and open to the public. The two new attractions were inaugurated on Monday through a small ceremony which was attended by notable figures of Lahore authorities.

The newly constructed Pakistan Map Lake will now offer touring people of the park an opportunity to boat ride and as well as see the map of Pakistan from close proximity.

The greater Iqbal park covers a huge area around the historic Pakistani monument Miner-e-Pakistan where the establishment of Pakistan was approved in 1940. To help people relive the struggles of men and women of that time.

The National History Museum is a fitting reminder of all those struggles and pays tribute to the people who worked so hard for the independence of Pakistan.

The museum showcases various movements across the history of Pakistan which will help people learn more about the basic concepts of freedom, struggle and the initial hardships experienced by the countrymen and women.

Location of Pakistan Map Lake and National History Museum

The Pakistan Map Lake and National History Museum can both be seen inside the Greater Iqbal Park, Lahore. Use the map to get there easily.