Pakistan Army welcomes the advanced Mi-35 attack helicopters from Russia

The Mi-35M boasts enhanced flight capabilities, and can be operated at high temperatures and in mountainous terrain.

The Pakistan Army Aviation has started receiving the Mi-35 attack helicopters from Russia which it ordered in 2015. The army had placed an order for 4 such helicopters including spare parts, training, ground support and equipment.

The Mi-35 attack helicopters are just another symbol of growing friendship between the two countries. With these advanced helicopters, Pakistan Army will strengthen its defensive and attack capabilities.

The Mi-35 is a multirole helicopter which is based on the Mi-24V variant. It was developed by Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant and has been produced since 2005.

Please welcome the symbol of growing partnership between #Pakistan and #Russia. The MI-35 Assault Helicopter has arrived in Pakistan. A number of such examples have been ordered by Pakistan Army Aviation.

Geplaatst door Developing Pakistan op woensdag 11 april 2018

The helicopter is designed to provide fire support to the ground forces of the army especially against enemy tanks, and other armored and soft-skinned vehicles. It can also be used to conduct armed air escort for the military as well as airlift paratroopers and evacuate any wounded soldiers from the field.

The helicopter also has enough cabin space to hold cardo both inside and outside the helicopter. This particular attack version is designed to specifically counter enemy tanks and other armored vehicles but when the need arises, it can be used for other purposes mentioned above.

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