More than 100 Brits formed a human chain to protect Muslims in the United Kingdom

A ‘Punish a Muslim Day’ letter that encouraged violence against Muslims has been in circulation across the United Kingdom since last month encouraging people to carry out acts of violence against Muslims.

The letter suggested punishing all Muslims on the 3rd of April with horrific acts creating a widespread fear in the community. The authorities asked Muslims to be careful when out and about.

But in the face of these horrific and sick threats, many people from the United Kingdom are showing their solidarity with Muslims. More than 100 Brits united and formed a human chain outside a Mosque to protect Muslims and fight against racism.

The human chain was organized by the Citizens UK group outside the Newcastle Central Mosque yesterday. The group posted a message on their social media page, writing:

Wonderful display of solidarity today! Human chain around Newcastle Central Mosque. Spreading love not hate, building bridges not walls!

Author and sociologist of religion at Durham University, Matthew Guest was also part of the chain. Elsewhere in the country, new letters are being distributed which encourages a ‘Love a Muslim day’.