International ice cream chain Swensen’s launched in Karachi

Pakistan’s growing love for premium ice cream is evident from more and more international ice cream chains expanding into Pakistan.

Since the country faces a terrible and hot summer, a lot of people resort to ice cold drinks and dessert making Pakistan a perfect location for ice cream restaurants around the world to expand into.

After the hit Monalo Gelato and Baskin and Robbins international ice cream chains coming to Pakistan, the latest entry to look forward to is Swensen’s.

Swensen’s have just opened their first ever branch in Karachi and people are already falling in love with their exquisite sundaes.

Swenson’s started its ice cream business in San Francisco, California in 1948 before it became a global ice cream brand. It is now serving ice cream from 300 franchises spread across the globe.

The ice cream chain is best known for their premium sundae ice creams which are made with the help of 150 flavors depending on the popularity of the country they are operating in. Their sundaes are definitely unique and unlike anything we have ever seen or tried in Pakistan.

Location of Swensen’s Karachi

The first ever store of Swensen’s Pakistan is located at Saba Avenue, Badar Commercial, Phase 5, Karachi. You can use the map below to get there easily.