Here are some highlights from the biggest motorbike stunt event held in Karachi

Motorsports are quickly becoming popular in Pakistan with more and more events taking place in the country that showcases the best vehicles from around Pakistan.

With the recently finished Faisalabad Drag Race, motor vehicle enthusiasts finally got to see another motorsport event in Karachi over the weekend.

The biggest stunt event of Pakistan was held on 21st of April at the Moin Khan Stadium in Karachi which featured some of the best bike riders from around the world performing stunts for a huge crowd.

The event featured Nick De Witt from South Africa, Fredrik Frog Berggren from Sweden, Dallan Goldman and Didi Bizzarro.

The motorsport event was organized by Mountain Dew Pakistan and was attended by not only a huge crowd but local celebrities as well.

Pakistani celebrities including Sohai Ali Abro, Ahsan Khan, Feroze Khan, Ayesha Omar and more were part of the spectacular event.

After successfully completing its run in Karachi, the event will now move towards Lahore and Islamabad. The exact details of when and where it will be held in Lahore and Islamabad are currently unavailable at the moment.