For the first time in Swat, thousands of people gathered to celebrate science

One of the largest science festivals of Pakistan, the ‘Swat science festival’ kicked off today for schoolchildren at the Khadee Hall in Saidu Sharif. The aim is to promote science and spark curiosity in children of the region to discover science.

The first day of the festival has already attracted an attendance of 1,500 girls and 5,000 boys from around 130 government and private schools of Swat.

Along with the students, several teachers, science specialists, entrepreneurs and other notable figures attended the festival where students are displaying more than 100 science projects.

During the first day, the students also conducted live experiments which involved electrical circuits, robotics, math guides, and more. These students are involved with at least six science organizations of Pakistan including Pakistan Science Club, Learn-o-Bots, AZ Corps, Stemmers, Sabaq, and Stemmers.

The Swat Science Festival is a huge step for the district and such quality is driven events will help provide students and children with an environment where they can pursue better learning and push forward for improvements in science and maths through learning in classes.

A national record was also set in which students simultaneously extracted DNA from strawberries and as well as created a human chain to represent the structure of the DNA. About 955 students were involved in this human chain.

The Swat Science Festival will continue tomorrow and the exhibition is open to the public.