Faisal Movers add new Yutong Master Luxury busses to their fleet

When the Lahore-Islamabad motorway was made, the only means of traveling in luxury was the Daewoo bus service. These days, however, there are several more intercity bus traveling companies and the competition is on the rise.

Now we have Bilal Travels, Faisal Movers, QConnect and many others that are offering intercity traveling services and as days go by, so does these bus services improve themselves in order to compete with each other.

To fight back growing competition, Faisal Movers have just added the new Yutong Master double glass model luxury buses to their fleet.

The new buses offer spacious seats for comfortable traveling with mount digital displays for personal entertainment. Several other features like personal heating, air conditioning, reclining seats and more are also part of these new buses.

The new luxury buses now operating through Faisal Movers also have seating arrangements in the 2×1 format which makes them a lot wider than common buses.

But passengers are not the only ones to get these high-end features. The Yutong Master buses have also equipped their new models with several safety features for the driver in case of emergency.

Although the buses have been acquired by Faisal Movers, the routes on which they will travel have not been finalized yet.