Coca-Cola launches its bottled water ‘Dasani’ in Pakistan

Everywhere around the world, the demand for consuming bottled water has significantly increased and Pakistan is not far behind.

In a country where clean drinking water is a serious problem, those who can afford it go for branded drinking water such as Aquafina and Nestle.

The two brands are quite established in Pakistan thanks to their home delivery services of 18-liter bottles. Looking to penetrate into the bottled water market of Pakistan, Coca-Cola has just launched its own brand of bottled water ‘Dasani’.

Dasani is currently only available in 250 ml bottles in limited locations but given how big Coca-Cola is, there is no denying that the brand will look to aggressively expand in Pakistan.

The Coca-Cola Family of Water Brands is sold in 150+ countries. Dasani launched in 1999 – is one of the three Billion Dollar water brands within Coca-Cola system. It sells in 35+ countries around the world.

Dasani water comes to you from a deep underground local source. It is then purified and filled using high-safety standards and modern technology at Coca-Cola Beverages Pakistan Ltd. plants in Rahim Yar Khan and Gujranwala under the authority of The Coca-Cola Company.

Dasani is ISO Certifies and is being sold in USA, Canada, Egypt, Malaysia, Singapore and many other countries.