Chinese bus company launches one of the best looking buses in Pakistan

The intercity bus traveling industry is becoming more and more competitive in Pakistan with the launch of new bus services and the addition of high-end busses to the fleet of these services.

With CPEC becoming a reality in Pakistan, more and more international bus manufacturers are releasing their best busses in the country.

Golden Dragon, a Chinese bus manufacturer has just unleashed its latest and greatest flagship intercity bus in Pakistan called ‘The Navigator.

The bus was launched in Pakistan by Premval ltd which is a subsidiary of Volvo ltd.

The Navigator is a state of the art coach that features a futuristic outlook with many features that are otherwise not seen in any other busses in the country.

The inner passenger area of the bus has subtle ambient lights that reflect on the three-dimensional roof board with suspending lamp bezels of the reading lights adding to the beauty and radiance of the bus.

The passenger seat offers ample leg room, digital entertainment screens, mobile charging docks, cooling and heat systems and an overall comfortable seating with leather fabric.

Unlike other busses, the Navigator also pays extra attention to the driver’s area. The driver’s area has a 12.3” LCD screen dashboard display that lets the driver enjoy more control on the bus than ever. It also provides music, GPS, internet, Bluetooth, radio and a separate audio system for the driver.

The driver seat is equipped with massage and ventilation features along with a fully rotatable seat mechanism.

Luxury and comfort aren’t the only things provided by the Navigator. It also takes safety into priority with the help of modern safety features installed right into the bus. For example, the Lane Departure Warning System warns the driver with sound and diagram to reduce the risk of accidents that occur due to lane departures.

A front collision warning system also lets the driver calculate the distance, direction and relevant speed between two vehicles that help the driver avoid potential collisions.

A driver fatigue monitor system is also added to the bus that evaluates the driver’s fatigue level by scanning the face, eyes and head movement. Once the bus determines fatigue, it promptly warns the driver.

The Navigator busses are yet to be acquired by an intercity bus travel company. Once they are acquired, they will be seen on the roads of Pakistan.