Asia Cup 2018 moved to UAE from India on request of Pakistan

The Asia Cup 2-18 which was supposed to be hosted by India has now been moved to the UAE over concerns cited by Pakistan. The decision to move the tournament was taken by the Asian Cricket Council (ACC) today.

According to sources, Pakistan expressed discontentment on the non-issuance of visa for athletes of other sports from Pakistan by India. Hence a general meeting was held today where the case was heard and a decision was made.

But this isn’t all, earlier Pakistan and India got into tensions when India refused to host Pakistan in the Asia Cup and Pakistan also expressed that they would not visit the country even if invited.

With the tensions rising, the best course of action was to move the tournament to an independent venue where both the nations agreed to play.

The tournament will now take place from September 13 till 28. The tournament will follow the T20 format with Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan as main teams. The sixth team will be picked after UAE, Nepal, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Oman, and Singapore will face each other in playoffs.

Currently, India is the defending champion after they had successfully bested Bangladesh in the Asia Cup held two years ago. Pakistan has so far only won 2 Asia Cup tournaments.

The ACC has also announced that the Emerging Teams Cup will now be co-hosted by Sri Lanka and Pakistan. India will play all of its matches in the cup in Sri Lanka. The tournament which was supposed to be played in April has now been moved ahead.