After success in Lahore, Doughnut Cones have now arrived in Karachi

The doughnut cone ice cream craze has finally reached Karachi. The food trend which was made famous last year all over the world through Instagram first landed in Lahore.

The doughnut cone or chimney cake as most call it is a delicious new take on traditional waffle cones. Instead of a waffle, the cone ice cream is filled inside a deep freshly baked doughnut cone.

The people of Karachi can now enjoy these supreme dessert at the Cravebar dessert cafe. Just like anywhere else in the world, the doughnuts are freshly baked and then served with soft serve ice cream and a topping of your choice.

The process of making this unique dessert is as delicious as it tastes. First, the doughnut cone is baked in a live oven and it is then sprinkled with caster sugar. A chocolate paste is spread inside the cone and it is then filled with your favorite ice cream flavor or soft serve.

Then you can choose your topping ranging from different sauces and sprinkles. The Cravebar isn’t limited to doughnut cones though, you can also enjoy other kinds of ice cream desserts.

Location of Cravebar Karachi

The Cravebar dessert cafe is located at Khayaban-e-Bukhari, 16th street, near Chotu Chaiwala. Use the map below to get there.