This short film of Porsche on the roads of Karachi feels like a scene from a Hollywood movie

The Pakistani cinema industry is on the road of revival with more and more films releasing every passing year. In the past couple of years, we have seen many Pakistani films pulling off success in an industry that is still dominated by Bollywood movies.

However, there is still lack of good action films in Pakistan. Even the films belonging to the action genre lack cinematography that thrills and excites the audience and somewhat creates a perception that perhaps we are not capable of pulling perfect action scenes.

However, a recent video of Porsche directed by Osman Rafique is changing that perception. The video which features the Porsche Carrea S on the roads of Karachi has such perfect cinematography that it will give you goosebumps. It feels like as it was ripped apart from a Hollywood movie.

From the video, it can clearly be seen that Osman Rafique has put a lot of thought and soul into this short film. If nothing else, it gives us a lot of hope that someday we will see such masterful scenes in our action films.

More About Osman Rafique

Osman Rafique is a freelance cinematographer from Karachi. He has studied Cinematography from the Global Cinematography Institute California.

Osman has created quite a few short films and collaborates with various production houses in Pakistan to work on advertisements and other short videos. You can follow him on his Facebook profile.