This organization collects excess food from restaurants, events and distributes amongst the needy

On an average, around 40% of all food produced in Pakistan is wasted. The food that you see at a wedding event or a buffet at a restaurant is mostly wasted while a huge portion of Pakistani people goes to sleep hungry.

To fight this excess food wastage problem, Rizq was founded by three young Pakistanis.

Rizq is a social enterprise that collects excess food from restaurants and events, repackages it and redistributes it amongst the poor.

This phenomenal idea came to three young Pakistanis Huzaifa Ahmed, Musa Amir, and Qasim Javaid. They started collecting food from homes, restaurants, and events in their cars after realizing how much of the food is wasted when it can actually be given off to someone who is in need.

Today the enterprise operates in three cities of Pakistan and has also started a Rizqshaw service which basically collects food from anyone who is willing to donate it to the needy. If required, even you can give them a call and Rizq will send out their Rizqshaw to collect food from you and distribute it amongst the poor.

Thanks to Rizq, thousands of needy people have been served with food and at the same time, the problem of food wastage is being solved.

If you want to contribute to Rizq’s cause, be sure to check out their Facebook page.