This desi coloring book for adults is the perfect stress reliver

As children, nearly all of us have had experience with coloring books. Back in the day coloring books were very popular amongst children and were almost always a major part of art classes in many schools

But somewhere between growing up as an adult, we have forgotten the fun we used to have coloring random designs in a book. A duo from Karachi has brought back those memories in the form of Phuljhari, a coloring book for adults with a desi touch.

Phuljari is an excellent stress reliever for adults. It features tons of attractive designs that can be colored any way you want. Each design also doubles as a posting card which can be sent to your friends or family once you are done.

Some of the designs in the book can also be used as bookmarks, stamps, and even to play board games like Saanp Seerhi.

Whether you want to beat stress or practice your shading techniques, Phuljari is an excellent book to have in your cupboard. It is also quite affordable to buy.

In order to buy the book, you can visit the official Facebook page of Phuljari and place an order which will be delivered to you for free anywhere in Pakistan.