This cafe is Lahore is serving coffees with your selfie on it

A cafe in Lahore has brought the Instagram worthy barista art to Pakistan by giving customers an opportunity to sip on a cup of coffee with their selfies on them.

This unique coffee trend was introduced to the world last year and instantly became a social media hit. The Kitchen Bistro in Lahore has become the first location in Pakistan to try it out and Pakistani’s can’t get enough of it.

The beverage is labeled Selfieccino and contains a photo of the customer. The photos are uploaded to the unique coffee machine in the cafe while the coffee is placed in its position. The photo is then scanned and reproduced on top of the coffee as frothing. This frothing is created using flavorless food coloring.

The entire process of creating selfieccino takes around four minutes before the picture can be scanned and presented to the frothing machine. A customer has to send one of their photos to the baristas in order to get their photo ‘printed’ as the froth on the coffee.

Although meant for selfies only, the cafe can also print any kind of photo provided to them on top of the coffee.

The selfieccino craze has taken Lahore by a storm and people regularly visit the cafe with their friends to try out this unique beverage and share it on their social media pages.

Location of The Kitchen – Bistro

The Selfieccino can be found at the Kitchen-Bistro in Lahore located at P-Block, 116, M. M. Alam Road. Use the map below to get there easily.