These sisters from Lahore make desserts and then take enchanting photos of them

When it comes to raw talent, Pakistan has no shortage. There’s plenty of hidden talent in the country only waiting to be discovered. Whether its photography, baking or any other forms of art, Pakistani youth have proven that they’re not behind the rest of the world.

Take for example Shanzeh Salman, a young Pakistani girl who alongside her sister combine baking, culinary art, and photography to create delightfully tasty desserts that are equally good to look at.

Shanzeh not only styles the bread and desserts she bakes, she also sets the environment and lighting around them to take enchanting photos. The results are something we have never seen in Pakistan before.

More About Shanzeh Salman

Shanzeh Salman recently graduated from National College of Arts in Architecture. She has always had an inclination towards experimenting with varying mediums of art.

She and her sister are self-taught culinary artists who create innovative desserts. They run a small home-based bakery called the ‘Sugar Craft’.

Shanzeh recently discovered her love for photography and food styling. She enjoys amalgamating art with food in her work. She displays most of her work on the facebook page ‘The Yellow House’ which is inspired by Van Gogh’s dream of celebrating art, and color.

She aspires to entice emotions through her food photography – be it the nostalgia of going through your mother’s old cookbooks, or the excitement of baking something special that your family will share over coffee. It is all about sharing happiness for Shanzeh!

Although her best work is in the form of food photography, she doesn’t limit herself just to that. Shanzeh has done a couple of shoots for other brands and restaurants.

You can view all of her work on her Facebook page ‘The Yellow House‘. And if you are in Lahore, you can try some of the sister’s delightfully tasty baked goods by getting them delivered to you. Check what they have to offer on the official Facebook page of Sugar Craft.