Shell Pakistan begins painting speed breakers across the country

The company has started a new campaign with aim to spread awareness of traffic laws for public safety

Invisible speed breakers on the roads of Pakistan is a common problem. Although speed breakers are placed on roads to force traffic to slow down or maintain a safe speed, these are placed in such a way that they are not only damaging cars but also pose a safety risk for oncoming traffic.

Shell Pakistan is well aware of this problem and has just started a new campaign which aims to spread awareness of traffic laws for the safety of the public.

Part of this campaign is painting speed breakers with bright red and yellow color so they are easily visible on the road.


Your pledges have helped Shell Helix paint speed breakers in various cities across Pakistan. If you want speed breakers to be painted in your area, then don’t forget to mention your city and area in the comments section! #DRIVEONPAKISTAN

Geplaatst door Asim Azhar op maandag 12 maart 2018

The company also released a series of short videos featuring Pakistani celebrities from film, tv, music, and cricket. Each video encourages people to follow a traffic rule.

The videos are promoting traffic laws by asking people to pledge to stop on red lights, drive at safe speeds, avoid talking on phones while driving, wear seatbelts and more.

The first part of the campaign, painting the speed breakers across the country has begun. If you want speed breakers of your area to be colored, comment on the video above with your name and details of the area and Shell will send a team to get the work done.

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