This Rock Band from Quetta, Balochistan is definitely NOT COMING SLOW (Irfan Junejo Style)

Hailing from the capital of Balochistan, Quetta is a rock band that is determined to make outclass music despite the lack of opportunities in the region for rock musicians. We have previously seen many talented singers and music artists from Balochistan like Akhtar Channal, Zehri, and more but Error the Band is the new talk of the town these days.

Error the band was established in Quetta in 2012 by three 17- years old teenagers; Hanoob John, the vocalist, and guitarist, Nabeel Shan, the bassist and Qaisar Gulzar, the drummer.

Recently, they have released a cover Mashup called the ‘Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Mashup’ and it is something everyone needs to listen. NFAK Mashup is their humble dedication to Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Sahab. It has 2 famous songs of Khan Sahab and they have experimented with Rock, Blues, and Funk in the music line up. Defiantly, something new and unique!

More Mashups and Music From Error

Previously, they did another Mashup ‘EB’s Mashup’ with songs from Pakistan and India both which received a lot of appreciation on social media.

Their first original song Sawaal released in 2015 was a big hit among youngsters in Quetta and went as far as being played on local radios, tv channels, gyms, and malls.

Sawaal revolves around how we as Pakistanis should rethink and recreate ourselves to help our nation progress in the unfortunate tragedies of the past. They have two more originals and another cover song in the pipeline to be produced in 2018.

On the side, Error the band has been very active on stage locally. They have performed at various events and locations in Quetta and outside Quetta. Some of their highlighted performances were at a music competition at BUITEMS, and Bugti Stadium Quetta where they performed for Balochistan Sports Festival and PTV station Quetta for a live streaming show.

One major achievement of Error the band was when they were invited for a major gig at QUEST University Nawabshah. Recently, they had also appeared for an audition in Pepsi Battle of The Bands in Karachi.

Error the band is for sure breaking stereotypes about Balochistan. Not many people in Quetta opt to be musicians let alone forming a band. Through their music, they are showing the side of Balochistan that not many might have seen.