Rescue 1122 saved two kittens in Rawalpindi from a 70 feet deep well after 2 hours operation

Stray animals especially cats and dogs are abundant in Pakistan. Unfortunately, there is very little care given to these poor animals and Pakistan lacks a proper animal rescue services.

But the shoes of animal rescuers are being filled by Rescue 1122, especially after the events that took place in Rawalpindi on past Saturday when two tiny kittens fell down 70 feet deep well in the Satellite Town area of the city.

Although no one knew how the kittens fell in the well, people heard noises and could easily tell that the kittens were in distress. Rescue 1122 was informed of the incident and immediately responded.

Rescue attempts began almost immediately after a small team of rescuers arrived from 1122. According to the rescuers, the well had no stairs or any other means for them to climb down. So one of the rescuers used a makeshift rope to descend down the well and brought the kittens to the surface in a bag.

The kittens were found to be doing fine and were not hurt in any way. After feeding and cleaning them, the Rescue 1122 team released the kittens as they were found to be stray.

The efforts of Rescue 1122 team are highly commendable for saving the kittens in a timely manner. The team has proven that every life, whether human or animal, is worth saving.