PTCL is giving away free 6 months Netflix subscription if you use their 8mb connection

The largest internet service provider and telephone company PTCL has just partnered with the world’s largest online streaming service Netflix to offer a massive free subscription to its users.

PTCL announced yesterday that if you are using their 8mb connection, you can get a free gift subscription to Netflix for 6 months. This deal is exclusive to 8mbps or more connections only.

Netflix officially launched in Pakistan not too long ago and already has a lot of local and international content to stream. But before PTCL’s deal, Netflix was charging anywhere from $7.99 to $11.99 (PKR 900 – PKR 1,300) for a month’s subscription with one month free.

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited is already partnered up with iFlix, another streaming service that was launched in Pakistan almost immediately after Netflix launched in the country.

iFlix is offered for free for one year to all users on 4mbps.

With PTCL partnered with Netflix, it will help the streaming service to cover a lot of ground in the country which it has previously been unable to do so.

To subscribe to the service for free, visit this page.

More about Netflix

Netflix is the world’s largest and best online streaming service. It hosts some of the best films, TV shows, and other entertainment media on the site.

Netflix is also known for its original films and TV shows such as Stranger Things, Narcos, Daredevil and more. The streaming service is reportedly already working with Pakistani producers and artists to bring original TV shows for Pakistan on the service.

The service already has a few Pakistani films to stream and a couple of hit Pakistani dramas in flawless quality.

Once subscribed to Netflix, you can enjoy on-demand entertainment on your smartphones, PCs, laptops, tablets and Smart TVs.