PIA cabin crew celebrated Spring with onboard passengers by dancing on upbeat Pakistani songs and distributing flowers

The PK 304 flight was the first one to experience the one month long celebrations of Spring by PIA

Spring is a wonderful time in Pakistan with the weather just right and the color of beautiful flowers, trees, and grass everywhere.

While many cities in the country celebrate spring by adorning its roads, parks and sideways with beautiful lights, flowers and the colors of Spring, PIA did something very special and unique for its passengers on board flight PK 304 yesterday.

The Cabin crew of the flight surprised the passengers onboard by distributing flowers, glass bangles, colorful scarves, and sweets all the while dancing on upbeat Pakistani tracks like Buhebarian.

Pakistan is versatile country with a rich culture, its people are vibrant, lively and fun.

Pakistan is a versatile country with a rich culture, its people are vibrant, lively and fun. Yesterday, we welcomed Spring on board flight PK 304, sharing gifts and sweets amidst Pakistani songs, and our passengers participated to the fullest in traditional fashion. It gave us immense happiness to be able to put smiles on our passengers' faces! This is the start of our month long celebrations of Spring with special offers from PIA, seasonal discounts and much more to follow #PIA #SpringFestival #SpreadingJoy ?✈

Geplaatst door Pakistan International Airlines op woensdag 7 maart 2018

This was an immensely satisfying and fun experience for the passengers onboard who joined the cabin crew by dancing and clapping their hands.

After the flight, many of the passengers expressed their gratitude and said that they had a lot of fun and loved what PIA did onboard the flight.

It is pleasing to see PIA doing things differently because otherwise, the airline is often in the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

PIA will continue to celebrate spring inside and outside their offices and planes for the whole of March. This was just the beginning of the Spring celebrations. According to PIA, several discounts will also be offered to loyal customers of the airline.

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