Pakistani-Norwegian makeup artist shows journey of Pakistani beauty trends from 1910 – 2018

When it comes to beauty, Pakistan has a unique way of showing it. Over the past many years we have evolved how we look yet staying true to our culture.

Huma Sharif, a well-known makeup artist, and blogger from Oslo, Norway with roots in Pakistan have a passion for beauty and makeup. She just paid a tribute to Pakistani beauty trends through a beautiful video.

The makeup artist shows the different looks of women throughout the history of sub-continent and Pakistan. The video begins from 1910 and ends in 2018 showing how women used to look then and now.


More about Huma Sharif

Huma Sharif is a well-known Cosmetologist and businesswoman from Oslo, Norway with roots in Pakistan.

She has always been a creative soul and has an unstoppable passion for discovering pretty things. She has an addiction to perfect detail and a strong love for vintage and classical style.

Huma Sharif is a makeup artist having her own line of cosmetic products. She provides makeup tutorials and as well as practice beauty providing bridal services and more.

You can follow her on her official Facebook and YouTube page.