Pak Army Museum in Lahore is the best place to spend your day on 23rd March

23rd March, Pakistan day is just a week away. Since it will be a public holiday, you will have plenty of time to spend the day with your family in Lahore.

But if you really want to try something different this time and spread awareness amongst your children about this prestigious day in the history of Pakistan, the best place to be would be the Pak Army Museum in Lahore.

The Pak Army Museum Lahore opened its doors to the public last September. The museum depicts the history and heritage of Pakistan Movement titled ‘Rebirth of a Nation’. You’ll also find sections depicting the Quaid, Armed Forces of Pakistan, the war history of Pakistan including the army’s fight against terrorism.

The Nishane Haider Gallery has also been set up in the museum along with Kashmir corner, Shahada corner, the highest battlefield of Siachen and the contributions of Pakistan in United Nations.

The museum is an excellent source of awareness and history of Pakistan, especially for the youth and is worth visiting especially on an occasion such as Pakistan Day.

Location of Pak Army Museum Lahore

The new Pakistan Army Museum is located in the Cantt area of Lahore near the Alama Iqbal International Airport. Use the map below to get there.