One of a kind Virtual Reality Lab built at NED University Karachi

The NED University in Karachi has built a state of the art virtual reality lab center which will serve as a research center for medical, architecture and other research.

The university is calling the lab the first of its kind in any South Asian university. The lab was built with a cost of approximately PKR.15 million. It provides a walking VR system, a projection VR system, and a virtual teaming system.

The lab will allow researchers to feel the environment in the artificial world while they conduct any form of research. Anything portrayed in the virtual world will allow the researchers to make the changes in the physical world as well.

The university is already conducting research on aircraft manufacturing, high rise buildings, space shuttle models and more through the lab using virtual reality technology.

NED university now plans to extend the virtual lab by adding in more research projects to it. Currently, it is focusing on the construction industry where the buildings are prepared using 3D animation and the team can bring about amendments within the virtual world.

Via The Express Tribune