Meet Sher Ali Afridi, the rising one-legged fast bowling star of Pakistan

Syed Sher Ali Afridi, a resident of Peshawar is defining all odds by being a fast bowler in the Pakistan Disabled Cricket Team.

Afridi has proven that disabilities cannot set you back if you are determined and possess a passion for something.

The 23-year-old youth from Peshawar lost his leg in an unfortunate accident when he was only two years old. But this tragedy didn’t stop him from pursuing his love for cricket.

Since the accident, Afridi uses a prosthetic leg but has groomed himself in such a way that it never feels like he has only one leg.

The 23-year-old never thought he would ever be able to play professional cricket, but in the past six years, everything for him changed when he heard about an international match for disabled cricketers being held.

Afridi used to play cricket during his school days and in 2012 he heard that the Pakistan Disabled Cricket Association was holding trials for disabled cricketers to select them for the International Pakistan Disabled Cricket Team.

He went to the trials and impressed the coaches and got selected in the team. He played his first match against England in Dubai in 2015.

Despite having only one leg, Sher Ali Afridi can produce an impressive pace while bowling. He is an inspiration for everyone in the country who are specially abled.

His message for the Pakistani youth is to keep believing in themselves and never give up on their dreams.