Londoner pays homage to Abdul Sattar Edhi by drawing a floor mural in Trafalgar Square London

Abdul Sattar Edhi, one of the greatest philanthropists of the world may have left us but his legacy inspires people around the world.

A street artist, Daniel Swan is so deeply inspired by what Edhi has done for the poor and homeless that he created a huge mural of him in the center of London’s iconic Trafalgar’s Square to honor him.

He now wishes to open a homeless shelter just like Edhi did for many in Pakistan. But this wasn’t always his goal.

Daniel Swan is someone who used to earn a lot of money working for some of the world’s largest corporations. He traveled extensively in his youth and settled in the United States of America. On many of his journeys, he came across poverty on the streets which forever changed his life.

He was so deeply moved with how many people are suffering today due to poverty that he immediately left everything he was doing and started helping the poor on the streets.

Ever since then Daniel has spent most of what he has earned in his youth helping the poor finding shelter and a better life. He now intends to open a homeless shelter along with a couple of other people but he needs all the help he can get.

Daniel Swan is currently raising funds and awareness for his foundation Problems of Perception which aims to build various projects. One of the projects is building homeless shelters across the United Kingdom.

Together he aims to build homes and hostels for the homeless which are going to be unlike anything people have ever seen. You can check his full idea on the official website of Problems of Perception.